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Angry  Abusers

Some individuals, based on an unsubstantiated and terminally biased anonymous false claim, make a statement as such is posted on a website which is currently being sued by several parties for Racketeering and Extortion.

Those same individuals site as a "reputable" source the same website that is being sued currently, and was sued in the past for Extortion and Racketeering, of numerous persons and companies of all types, with no basis other than a direct profit motive.

Accusations that Rip-0ff Report is just an Extortion Business,
by Randfish, SEOmozBlog, January 16, 2008.

Attorney Sarah Bird reports how unethical people are using the Internet for defamation, indecency, racketeering, corruption, and  extortion of money: The Anatomy of a Rip0ff Report Lawsuit,  SEOmozBlog, January 21, 2008.

"Persons" that seem to enjoy slander, and flagrant defamation of character against those who were assisted by S H I E L D  during the victim's time of dire need, are the same "Persons" that have been accused of, arrested for, and or convicted in a court of law, of acts of Domestic Violence and or Domestic Abuse in the State of Arizona, against another person. Extortion Website Must Be Taken Down, by Fed up with DISHONESTY, posted at Complaint Board.

It is entirely possible, that the intentions and motives of "Unhappy Abusers" and their personal friend and supporters, regardless of age, and gender, or the actual specific way that  the abusers have met their victim, are just simple cowardly revenge, and "bad will to" the organization and individual victim assistance agents, who have helped their Victim to get away from their abusers successfully.

S H I E L D  Victim Assistance Service has a very low client re-victimization rate, one of the lowest in the field, in accordance with best practices, and as a matter of practical understanding, some victims, however rare they may be, in an attempt to return to their abuser, for their own reasons, and to make a "better deal" for themselves with the abuser, or for their children as they feel is best, will say and do absolutely anything  the abuser will ask of them, especially something bad, about the organization and or individuals who have helped that same victim against that same abuser at a previous time in the process.

It is very unfortunate, but even such people do rarely exist, even among our clients as well. Most that have done such things, will only do so, until they have received what they try to receive from their abuser: visitation concessions, spousal maintenance, or other support that they feel they need from the abuser, and not a minute longer.

More Information will follow, as it becomes available. ...

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